Improving Program Delivery

What your brand promises, your program delivers.

Everything links back to program— from the achievement of mission, to the financial necessities of net tuition revenue, to donor participation—the quality and delivery of the program is the lifeblood of every school. (And, of course, program provides the core experience that builds brand beliefs.) We can help with:

  • A.I. Strategy
  • Curriculum and program evaluation, innovation, and design.
  • Learning outcome vertical alignment.
  • Professional development programs and systems for faculty.
  • Specialty Curriculum and Program Design, including:
    • Arts Academic and Co-Curricular Programs
    • Athletics and Co-Curricular Programs
    • Mathematics Curriculum Design
    • Problem-based Learning in STEM
    • Productive Discourse in STEM
    • Residential Curriculum (for Boarding Schools)
    • Student Leadership Development
    • School-wide, Integrative Programming (e.g. Sustainability, Healthy Eating, Mindfulness, Skillfullness)
    • Design and Innovation Programs
    • Experiential Programming
    • Faculty, Department Chair, and Dean Coaching and Facilitation
  • Rules, Expectations, and Disciplinary System Design
  • Leadership Support

Projects have included:

  • Re-envisioned diploma and graduation requirements to reflect updated college and career preparation needs and to clarify requirements for post-graduates and other less-than-four-year students at a secondary school.
  • Advised and guided the establishment of program-oriented committees at the board level.
  • Aligned athletic and co-curricular programming to more intentionally deliver character and personal development objectives of the school mission.
  • Massively expanded professional development programming across both internal and external training opportunities including mentoring, instructional rounds, table grading, peer school visits, team teaching, departmental reviews.
  • Created capstone program and invigorated a traditional academic program with collaborative, interdisciplinary teaching programs.
  • Redesigned curriculum, diploma requirements, grading systems, to align with the adoption of Mastery Transcript.
  • Established a campus-wide sustainability education program delivered through the residential program, ensuring that recycling and other sustainability activities were ever-present in students’ minds.
  • Redesigned the semantics and logical structure of the core academic curriculum, providing crystal-clarity on which course design, assessments, advisor comments, and grades could be based—and allowing the admissions and marketing departments to share a crisp, clear message of difference.
  • Established programs and policies to combat grade inflation and grade-range compression.
  • Streamlined standardized test administration.
  • Redesigned daily schedule and annual calendar, re-envisioning program and establishing new programs and routines through optimized and opportunistic time and space management.
  • Planned and programmed facilities to enable long-term program evolution and expansion.
  • Course design and development around specific curricular and pedagogical standards, targets, and practices.