Category: Culture

The growing use of AI, inside and away from the classroom, demands at least a careful look at the way we define academic excellence, if not a complete re-definition of the concept and how we apply it to students.
We look to history for an additional layer of context and meaning regarding what "The Sorcerer's Apprentice" can show us about our relationship with Artificial Intelligence.
What can school administrators do to bridge the gap of trust that can develop between faculty and the Board of Trustees in the face of proposed change?
School improvement is a powerful magnet: depending on its orientation, it can be repellent or attractive to faculty, and Leaders must make the case.
Various organizational maladies can be traced to a lack of clarity around decision roles. After-the-fact objections, confusion in implementation, micromanagement, scapegoating, and whipsawing all imply a need to define roles with greater clarity.