Strategic consulting
for independent schools.

Connecting promise with performance.

Have a challenge and don't know where to start?

We reach across silos in schools.

Our team consists of strategic, creative, and technical experts with deep experience in the wide variety of challenges that schools face. We work across school divisions and departments to find powerful connections—solving gnarly problems and uncovering new opportunities that balance the goals of mission with the realities of the marketplace.

We link strategy with execution.

We see that great ideas are often lost on their way to implementation, so we focus on connecting strategy to the words, actions, decisions, and structures that bring it to life. Our approach begins with insightful research and ideation, and then connects with crisp, actionable tactics, clear documentation, and realistic operational planning, program design, and creative support. We don’t just tell our clients which road to take, we help them travel.

We tackle a wide range of projects.

Our projects range from fractional leadership to organization-wide strategic planning to topic-specific analysis and documentation. With a horizontal, generalist, systems-oriented team, we can execute work that requires a broad complement of skills and experience. 

Four Pillars Support Our Approach

Our approach is based in a framework connecting the four major areas of school management: strategy, program, culture, and brand. By focusing on the elements within each pillar—and linking them to the other pillars with care and intention, we help our clients improve organizational alignment. The result is better positioning, increased capacity, stronger loyalty, greater resiliency, and improved market power.