Strategic planning and communications consulting for schools and colleges.

What Type of Work Do We Do?

Aptonym helps schools connect promise with performance—guiding them in navigating the aspirations of their mission within the realities of the marketplace.

Great ideas are often lost on their way to implementation. We focus on connecting strategy to the words, actions, decisions, and structures that bring it to life. Our approach begins with insightful research and ideation, but connects those thoughts to powerful execution—with an emphasis on clear, crisp, actionable language, documentation, operational planning, program design, and creative support.

We bring a systems approach to everything we do, with a focus on connection and alignment throughout your organization, eliminating silos and linking mission with action. Learn more about our approach to strategic planning.

Strategic Planning, Strategic Frameworks,
and Organizational Alignment
Communications Audits
and Landmark Documents
Leadership Support
  • Value Proposition Definition
  • Launchpad Services
  • Organizational Alignment Frameworks
  • Research, Environmental Scanning, Surveys, and SWOT
  • Competitive Analysis and Strategic Positioning

David knows strategy and planning are indispensable for progress at any institution, but he recognizes that vision must be coupled with daily, incremental steps and experiments that lead to the fulfillment of stated goals… In other words, he’s equally adept at strategy and execution, and he knows the importance of communications efforts in connecting the two.

— Margarita Curtis, Head of School, Deerfield Academy (2006–2019)

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We are located in Western Massachusetts, at the heart of the independent school and higher education landscape. We are adept at remote work and happy to travel. 

Contact us at or 413-461-0585 if you’d like to discuss a project. Our mailing address is 562 South Pleasant St. Amherst, MA 01002.

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